11 Juli 2008

Interaction of plants with the city environment

Leslie Kuo, "Sticker plant window" und "Dumped plant, somewhere in the city center", Utrecht

Urban Plant Research ist der Blog der Künstlerinnen Leslie Kuo und Sara Bouchard. "we began forming questions about the urban plants we met, from fledgling trees in vacant lots to potted plants on windowsills. What relationship does each one have to its man-made environment? Does it struggle to survive or live in symbiosis with people? Was it planted or did it take root on its own?
We are investigating these questions in both Berlin and New York City by going on research-walks to observe and document the interaction of plants with the city environment. We researched together for one week in Berlin before Sara returned to New York and are each continuing the process in our respective cities."

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Das ist eine tolle Idee und ein schöner Blog.


Find ich auch.


Stimmt und würde so gut in die Blogversammlung passen. Vielleicht findet Leslie das ja auch.