13 Oktober 2007

Natural Architecture

Adrien Tirtiaux, "Auprès de mon arbre", Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna, 2007

Adrien Tirtiaux studiert in Wien bei Monica Bonvicini und macht so schöne Sachen wie 'Auprès de mon arbre': "With a little bit of paint, I made a tree out of the elevator basement standing in the middle of the room. With very small means, an artificial nature is created inside the white cube... The ideal "natural" elements that I construct are indissociable from the functionalities that they try to conceal"

Adrien Tirtiaux,"Bitter-sweet Dresden", Workshop, may 2005

oder 'Bitter-sweet Dresden' aus der Serie 'Cities':"This scale-model (1:1000) shows the whole inner city of Dresden, only made of food...A few buildings (mostly postmodern) were eaten at the end of the exhibition opening. The rest of the model rotted after two weeks, offering a trashy-romantic view of the city." meint auch vvork