08 Februar 2007

Ikebana to wear

Again Steiner & Lenzlinger? No!! But maybe they saw this contemporary Ikebana from the japanes artist Teika Itho. What do you think Mrs. Deane?

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Hmm, interesting question. One would think that it is very possible they had seen Teika's work or other contemporary ikebana art before. Don't forget they had a large show in Japan in 2004 with ikebana type work as well, where they collaborated with Japanese gardeners. The only way to find out, though, is to ask them directly about their 'sources' of inspiration.

One another note, does it matter or change your appreciation of their work if they had been 'inspired'?

Also: I haven't looked into the background of their work to know more about their ideas and motives. I do know that in contemporary ikebana the plant life is still central to the work, not the spectator. With these artists from Western Europe, this emphasis may have shifted.


Mrs. Deane, thank you for your interesting answer. And yes, this change my view.
When i saw the contemporary ikebana of Teiko Itho in your blog i have a little idea of the long way from the ikebana history to this enviroments. By looking at it i sense that there are multi planes to look at.
Now i see the S&L work 'falling garden' for example. It is like they dissociate the aesthetic aspect of the japanes enviroments (and mixed it up with their european ideas). Of course its ok, but maybe that's the reason why i was never interested in more than the wonderful pictures of it.


I really like Ikebana, but at the end I don't like Steiner & Lenzlinger. It's too nice and too cosy.


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