13 Juni 2010

contemporary editorial creation

© Th.W. Balkon&Garten bei Do you read me?! und "De Zines" Plakat

Alle sind gespannt auf die Ausstellung "De Zines" - about independent puplications in Madrid. Und alle Zeitschriften freuen sich, dabei zu sein: 3, 598, /5, ¡Qué suerte!, 0-100 , 032c, 213 Magazin , 2G, 33gradnord44gradost, 3x3, 4478 Zine, A day in the life of, A guide magazine, A Magazine, A mínima, A prior, AAA, Achtung, Ácido Surtido, Adicciones porque sí, AfterAll, Aglec, Aitor Saraiba, Alaska, All-Story, Alphabet Prime, Amelias, Amore, Angst, Anorak, AnOther Magazine, Antoni Hervás, Aortica, Apartamento, Arkitip, ArtReview, Arty, ASDF, Automatic Books, Back Cover, Balkon & Garten, Bárbara, Baseline, Basso, Be contemporary, Belio, Beyond, Bidoun, Blind Spot, braind eins, Bruce Lee, Brumaria, Butt, By pass, C Internacional Photo Magazine, Cabinet, Cafe Royal , Candy, Cannon, Capricious, Carne de Lucio, Celeste, Centro de bajo rendimiento, Chinexe Wax Job, Citizens of No Place, Coco & Joe, Code, Collection, Concept Store, Condiment, Control, Corduroy, Cosmic Gonder, Cosplay Gen, Coupe, Creative Review, Criticism, Crush, Cuadernos, Cura, Cut Magazine, , d[x]i, Dabireh: Alef, Daniel Entonado, Dapper Dan, Dazed and Confused, De Daily Whatever, Demo, Der Greif, der:die:das:, Desayuno Fanzine, Diary 16, Die klasse, Dienacht, Dientes de ojo, Domus, Dorade, Dossier, dot dot dot, Double, Double Plus Good Books, Dsico Fanzine, Dumbo Feather Pass it on, Dummy, Dynasty, Ediciones Puré, Editions du 57, Efe 24, Ein Magazin über Orte , El Acto, Elephant, Elk Zine, Entretelas, Entrisme, Errorezine, Esopus, Esst Obst, Étapes, Experimenta, EY!, Face B, Faesthetic, Fairy Tale, Famicon Express, Famous, Fantastic Man, Fantom, Fanzine137, Farewell Books, Farfalla, Fast Gallery Kit, Faund, Feral, Fever Zine, File, Fillip, Fire & Knives, First Person Mag, Foam, Folkways, Frame, Frederic Magazine, Fuego Fanzine, Fukt, Für Immer, Fusion, Futu, Fw:, Gagarin, Gastronomita, Girls like us, Grafik, Graphic, Grrr, Grrrr, Gym Class Magazine, Hard Land Heartland, Harmi -The Double Negative Journal, Háztelo tu mismo (HTM), Helecho, Here an There, Himaa, Home Lovin, Huck, Huh. Magazine, Hunter and Cook ... + I-Z
‘De Zines tries to reflect what is happening in the contemporary editorial creation on the level of independent publications, how this area relates to the artistic production and social, cultural and current political environment. Around 400 international publications have been gathered from most established magazines in the market until handmade zines and a selection of experimental magazines.' 29 Juni bis 29 August 2010 // Room A La Casa Encendida, Madrid

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