23 Januar 2008

Insect Sex

Handyfilm ‘Green Porno‘, von und mit Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini im Interview beim Sundance Film Festival über ihre 8 Kurzfilme "Green Porno", in denen sie als Insekt zeigt, wie Insekten Sex haben und die auch als Eröffnungsfilme des Internationalen Forums des jungen Films auf der Berlinale am 8. Februar gezeigt werden. "Last year, the Sundance Channel approached Rossellini to create a series of works for "the third screen," meaning cellular phones and similar portable devices. Sundance had been pushing the environmental themes strongly for the past six years, and that was the kind of content it wanted. However, Rossellini says, "they also wanted something flashy. So I thought, 'Ah, that means sex!' And because I had always been interested in animals, I thought about insect sex."