25 September 2007

Fake Forrest

Simon Heijdens, Tree

Der "Tree - a fake forrest revealing real nature" des holländischen Designers Simon Heijdens stand bereits in London, Tokyo, Berlin, New York , Rotterdam, Milan, Eindhoven, Cologne, Nottingham and Amsterdam: "White silhouettes of trees projected 8 meters high onto the facades of several buildings in a city. Its branches and leaves are moving either slightly or intense; directly to the measured wind that passes the facade of the building on which it is projected. Starting full of leaves at dawn, the tree looses one of its leaves each time someone passes it. When the leaf breaks of its branch, it drops down on the ground in an alley nearby. Because the leaves are made of light, they slowly brighten up the alley as they grow in amount over the course of the evening, and form a developping image that reveals the use of the city. The leaves roll out when someone walks through them.