04 Januar 2007


Jacques Nimki," Florilegium", Acryl und gepressete Blumen

Der Londoner Künstler Jacques Nimki sammelt Blumen. Schön erklärt das der Galerie Text (and for BB): "In the past three years he has concentrated on drawing weeds and discarded flowers that he finds in the urban environment, discovering beauty in the overlooked and unconsidered. Nimki describes his works as 'Florilegiums' a word which literally means 'flower book', a category of books from the seventeenth century where images are more significant than text. Drawing on a culture of collecting based on curiosity and beauty rather than scientific investigation, Nimki begins by researching and walking to an area to collect information." Approach gallery

Spannend ist auch die digitale Pflanzendatenbank, die Jacques Nimki auf einem alten Organizer aufgebaut hat, und die nun auf Media Art Bath zugänglich gemacht wurde